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Industry Leadership.

Dennis and Karen are both very active within the South Australian Blue Swimmer Crab industry & the Australian seafood industry in general via a number of impressive leadership roles and activities. 

Their involvement in many industry initiatives forms an important component of their working lives, to the Two Gulfs Crab company and to an industry that they love so much. 

OrganizationRoleWhoThe Why
Wild Catch Fisheries, South AustraliaPresidentDennis
  • To support the South Australian Blue Swimmer Crab Industry
  • To help shine a positive light on the industry and its community
  • To help the industry to continually evolve
  • To give industry a voice
  • To develop opportunities to upskill fishers
Seafood Industry Australia Board Member Dennis
  • To provide expertise to Australia's seafood industry through a professional structure to support industry representation
Women's Industry Network Seafood Community Vice President, South Australian Director Karen
  • To support women working in Australia's seafood industry
  • To ensure women in the industry receive recognition for their roles
  • To give Australia's seafood women a platform for their voices to be heard
Nuffield South AustraliaBoard MemberDennis
  • To give back to a program that has given so much to Dennis in terms of personal growth, evolving as a business person and to provide the skills and capability to grow Two Gulfs Crab
NuffieldScholar & GraduateDennis
  • To have the opportunity to go overseas and obtain the latest innovations and information to bring back to Australia
  • To identify the most modern solutions in regard to electric boats for the benefit of the entire Australian Seafood Industry
  • For personal development and growth
National Seafood Industry Leadership ProgramGraduateKaren
  • Personal Development
  • To upskill so as to be able to take on industry leadership positions with confidence and knowledge
AgriFuturesTM Rural Leadership Program Finalist Karen
  • To increase learnings and building networks
  • To give a greater voice to women in the industry
  • To showcase the South Australian Crab Industry

The company also often provide Two Gulfs Crab free of charge to support industry events such as Seasonal Seafood SA & the Advertiser Food Awards.