Our crabs are 100% pure, wild and sought after by top restaurants and markets around Australia for their delicate flavour.

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100% Pure, South Australian Crab MeatTwo Gulfs Crab.

Two Gulfs Crab (2GC) does the hard work for you. Our boat catches Blue Swimmer Crabs and unloads them fresh for picking in our purpose built facility. We then produce a beautiful range of ready to consume products.

The name Two Gulfs Crab is a reference to our being able to fish in the pristine waters of the "Two Gulfs" of South Australia - Gulf St Vincent and Spencer Gulf. Our crabs are 100% pure, wild, and sought after by top restaurants and markets around Australia for their delicate flavour. 

Blue Swimmer crabs
Our passion at Two Gulfs Crab is for quality, consistency and freshness for our customers. We take great pride in what we do, we are industry leaders in sustainability and innovation, and see great importance in providing the best environment for ourselves, our crew, our crabs and for the planet.Karen Holder

Enjoy LifeEat Crab.

Two Gulfs Crab Blue swimmer crab shell is a beautiful bright blue when uncooked. When cooked it turns a vibrant red/orange and has a pearl white meat. The Two Gulfs Crab meat has a subtle and delicately sweet, nutty flavour. The meat is moist, and firm, has a low oil content, and the stronger-tasting ‘mustard’ or brown meat can be enjoyed for something a little more intense. Two Gulfs Crab are extremely versatile, they can be steamed, poached, deep-fried, pan-fried, stir-fried, or boiled. They are a match for lots of different flavours and cuisines and perfect for every occasion.

We want to inspire you with some of our own recipes, that are easy to cook and delicious - perfect and fresh for summer evenings, or to warm the soul.



handy tips from Two gulfs crabHow to Pick a Crab.


    We know sometimes our customers find it fiddly getting the best bits out of our delicious crabs, so we have developed an easy step by step guide to picking a crab! Two Gulfs Crab have done the hard work for you so you can relax and concentrate on impressing your friends and family!

    How to Pick a Crab

    Karen and Dennis HolderWho are Two Gulfs Crab?



    The 2GC crab picking facility opens their doors to University students and groups for information sessions and tastings


    Always at the forefront of latest technology for continuous improvement of our overall fishing operation


    Active involvement in industry associations to help contribute the future of the industry

    The South AustralianBlue Swimmer Crab Industry.

    Access to the Blue Swimmer Crab fishery is provided through a licence either as a stand alone license or through the marine scalefish fishery. Licences are endorsed with quota units for either the Gulf St Vincent zone or the Spencer Gulf zone.

    Blue Swimmer Crab licence holders use crab pots to trap their catch and bait nets are also permitted to be used. Marine scalefish fishery licence holders are restricted to only using crab nets (i.e. hoop nets or drop nets).

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