pot to potOur Guarantee.

Quality Assurance.

At Two Gulfs Crab we take quality seriously and understand that treating our crabs with respect and care from the minute they are hauled up onto the Silver Spectre. We use a variety of methods to ensure the perfect catch. These include:

  • Our on-board flow ice system
  • Manually handling every crab for quality
  • Respecting the animal and the product from the minute it is hauled onto the Silver Spectre to when it is taken to our distributor. Our crabs are caught, handled, cooked and cooled quickly and stored at correct temperatures – quality at all points along the supply chain is paramount.
  • Our years of experience and knowledge when it comes to Blue Swimmer Crabs. For example, we know how quality is impacted by natural seasonality. We know the times of the year we are more likely to encounter female crabs with eggs or soft crabs, so we are very strategic as to how we fish during these times. We also know when Blue Swimmer Crabs are likely to moult (and yes they differ between the two Gulfs!) and know when crabs are more likely to be ͞light͟ versus ͞heavy͟ in weight. We also know when we are likely to catch more females!

2GC FUN FACT: Did you know that female crabs have a different flesh texture to male crabs?

Shelf Life.

With Two Gulfs Crab we expect between 10 – 12 days shelf life from catch to plate.

Cooked Crab Meat Storage Do’s and Don’ts

  • Once picked, cooked crab meat has a short shelf life due to delicate nature of the meat so we recommend you pick the meat as close as you can to when you plan to use it.
  • It is important to keep your crab meat well drained.
  • If you need to keep your picked, cooked crab meat aside for a little while we suggest it will keep great for 3-4 hours if kept sealed in a container with gladwrap and some ice put on top.
  • Keep the picked meat airtight and very cold! If you have a vacuum packer at home, this is perfect for keeping the air out which will prolong the shelf life and quality.

Whole Cooked and Green Crabs Storage Dos and Don’t

  • Store whole crabs with a wet tea towel – shells need to be kept moist
  • Don't bundle crabs up together - let them have the ability to drain and have some air flow.
  • Keep your crabs at the bottom of the fridge. They will happily keep for 2-3 days.

Food Safety.

Two Gulfs Crab products are a very stable, natural product. This is because we maintain the entire cold chain to give you the best shelf life from your purchase.

When we unload our crabs, they are freshly caught or cooked so you can be assured that once you purchase them from one of our retail stockists, you can keep your crabs for more than two days. Just remember at Two Gulfs Crab we fish all year around, so supply is guaranteed and consistent and most importantly, fresh.

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